Friday, August 1, 2008

Home Tour: My Artsy Friend, Anita!

You remember Anita, we went to her art show a few months back. Here is her adorably artsy and inspiring house! This is in her kitchen. The bowl at the top of the cabinet is one that she and her husband made together. Isn't that romantic?!

Her beads. She makes beautiful necklaces. I am a happy owner of one.

I love this floor!

I forget where she said she got this bowl, but it is made from a tree truck. Very nice.

One of her masterpieces, hanging in the living room.

The bathroom with another of her paintings.

She did this one with an airbrush.

Her daughter's room.

Local pottery

Anita and her Dad just put up this tin back splash. Gorgeous.

Love the color in the dining room.

Another one of her pieces. She is really such a versatile artist. So many different styles.

Thanks, Anita for the tour. Your home is cozy and filled with color&love! I am a fan :)


ko said...

Morning~ I love driking my coffee in the morning, and looking at your colorful blog. Your friends house is tooo cute! :) Have a great weekend! :)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Oh, Anita- your house is LOVELY! I am surrounded by a rainbow of friends who LOVE color!!

gailsgarden said...

I loved the tour and I do remember Anita! I wish you would have showed the whole kitchen cabinet. I love cupboards, cabinets, etc!

Anonymous said...

Amazing artistry! I love the colorful toucan.

Pop Pop & Granna said...

Tell Anita I LOVE her house -- my favorite is the color in the dining room -- gorgeous against the white.