Monday, August 25, 2008

Field Trip: The Art Museum

On Saturday some friends from church and I went to the art museum. It was a very fun trip. I was DYING to take pictures....but could only take photos in the gift shop and the restaurant. Here is Nancy and me. She is such a sweet lady and an encouragement to me.

You all know Anita (the star of my blog :) Here she is with some pretty pottery.

A really bad picture of a poster for sale. Believe me when I say it was much better in person.

Another poster shot.
This picture is so small you won't get the full effect, I found it on the Internet. This is done by artist, Julie Mehretu. These paintings were huge and she used ink and acrylic on canvas or linen. I can't really describe them to you, but there were layers and layers of things, starting with a blue print look. We just stood and studied them. I learned the hard way that you can't get too close to the work- at least the security guard didn't haul me away in hand cuffs :)

Here we are loving our brunch. Betty, I am still wishing I had gotten the Farmer's Market plate :) But the waffles were good too. Thanks, guys! It was fun and very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

I live in Georgia O'Keeffe's hometown. There's even a street named after her. :)

ko said...

How cool! HOw fun! HOW WAS YOUR DATE?????
Have a great tuesday!


Your hair looks cute. did you get it cut or did you just not flip it? Looks like a fun day out!

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

Sara, you look sooooo cute in that picture!
What is that weaving thingy? My oldest boy is obsessed with weaving. I was surprised how after a long day in the dirt, he'll want to weave about three potholders in a row! Go figure. Anyhoo...that looks interesting.