Thursday, July 10, 2008

New York, New York (don't worry, there are only 672 photos left to share :)

the first picture taken when we arrived

a blurry picture of Mark, and the back of Trish, at the entrance to their building

Their building, they live on the top floor (5th floor) with a great view. Oh and at night you can see the Empire State building from their window. The first floor is the auditorium where they have church services. A regular Sunday service and after a service for homeless people. They also serve 2 lunches after church. The second floor is a fellowship hall and kitchen and I think there are two offices for Bill and Mark. Third floor- the apartment we stayed in and a dorm room for visiting mission teams. 4th floor- the Jones' apartment. 5th floor- Mark and Trish's apartment and another dorm room.

When we got there, Dave was able to play his trombone with the rest of the group (the Allen's, and Cox's were there for the music conference too). We were a block or two from Times Square. It was really beautiful to hear the music over top of the busy city noises. They got a lot of chances to talk to people about the Lord afterwards.

Here is Trish singing "Holy is He" (I think it is called). A little bit after I took this picture, I was taking our 5 year old around the block to find a bathroom, and I could still hear Trish singing- it was really pretty and I will always remember that moment...walking shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of people of every ethnicity and hearing the taxis and buses and "Holy is He" gives me chills!

Dave talking to someone and telling them about our great God!

to switch topics a little- here we are in the back courtyard of Mark and Tricia's building looking at the neighboring buildings

Here is their courtyard- they have a couple big fish in there.

Back on the street. Notice that Duane Reade store in the back ground? That is one of their pharmacy's. It is another world there in the city. Anyplace without Wal-Mart is a different world to me! Trish says that when she goes into a Walgreen's (they do have Walgreen's and also a K-Mart), she likes to browse around for awhile- it makes her feel like she is in the real world :) Oh and they get their groceries delivered to them! And when they go and shop (like to K-Mart for example) they have to be careful about how much they buy because they have to carry it many blocks back (even with the buses and subways, you still have to walk a lot).

Here is looking down the street when you first come out of their building.

And then this picture is coming out of their building and going to your left. If you cross the street you would be at the park.


ko said...

how awesome! I bet you guys had a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

What a neat ministry!

Pam said...

The Cox's? From BJU? That looks like Dr. Bruce Cox in the picture. He was my band director, and the first time I ever saw someone direct a band without yelling at everyone.

I love all these pictures of NYC. You have given me a new-found appreciation for the city. I'll stick with you for the next 600!

Keri said...

I love the pictures and hearing about your trip - keep them coming. Calvin and I would love to visit NYC one day - for now we will visit through you!

Laura D said...

I got shivers as I heard you explain hearing the song above all the noise. What an awesome experience one, I'm sure, you will never forget. My parents recently visited NYC for the first time and also mentioned its like a totally different world.
I'd also love to visit someday! Especailly now that I live closer I think it might be feasible. (Until last year when I got married, I lived in CO, which is a LONG way from NYC!!!)Thanks for sharing some of your experiences!

Trish said...

I love looking at your pictures too!!!
Who knows what that graffiti says....I hope it's nothing terrible....
and yes, I would have to agree that Bruce Cox is one of the first "music people" that I know who doesn't act like a "music person", except for you (Dave), of course! Both the Cox's and the Allen's are wonderful examples, we have truly enjoyed knowing them and their families.
What a funny contrast in your trips too....from the big city to complete boonies, lol.

Tricia said...

oh yes....and BARB, notice that our great metal chairs are conspicuously missing from the courtyard.....hmmmm......some people don't appreciate good junk!

Sue said...

That was a great visit in pictures to see where Mark & Trish are!!!! What a neat place :). And what a great opportunity. Thanks for "taking us with you."

Jane said...

Love to see all your pictures. From the farm to NYC! So much to look at!