Monday, July 21, 2008

Fine Dining

I was wrong- I did have more vacation pictures to post. Here are some very important parts of our vacation to Canada. Mom's caramel rolls are the best ever. And then there is the poutine. Does anyone else love this stuff?? Dave now has a higher appreciation for Canada :)

Here is another favorite from when I was growing up- Goat Cheese! But it has to be the Norwegian kind. It is the brown, sweet stuff. It tastes so good like this on rye crisp with butter. Dave and the kids have not acquired the taste yet. That's OK, I'll eat it all for them.


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! We visited family this weekend and came home with four kinds of cookies, carrot cake and pistachio bread. It's nice to be related to a great baker!

Sew Pink said...

Ahh! Who cannot love a good a poutine? One of the many canadian things I always have when I visit. YUM!

Dramagirl said...

Goat cheese! I love it! I haven't had any in years! Grandma C. always had it handy when a thin piece of toast popped out of the toaster. My mouth is watering thinking about it:)