Friday, July 18, 2008

A Decorated Laptop, Purple Paint, & Some New Little Goodies

It was just a little too plain. Some ribbon tape took care of that, and now I am happy.

For a friend who likes purple. A fun color to play around with. And these verses are always needed as a reminder around here.

TJ Maxx does it again! When I saw the red & white bowls I knew they were made for our house.

Here is the shelf, Mom! I love it! A nice b-day gift and how did you ever know it was exactly what I wanted?!? This is above the piano. And the clock!!!! We are so thankful for a clock. We had one here in our living room, but it broke. So we went without for a while and would always look in that because of my wonderful customers, I took some of my cash to Target and found this cute clock! We are so happy and well informed of the time.

The animal prints are overtaking us! Another $1.99 plate from Target. How many Target plates do we have hanging on the wall? Good question. And the pillow- you can see I am much too impatient to save up for the couch but this is the next best thing- a huge & comfy pillow to cover the couch. The fabric sitting there is that great stuff I found at Love Shine in NY. I haven't made any pillows out of it yet, it just lays there on the couch looking pretty.


Anonymous said...

You have the prettiest, most colorful house. It's always fun to visit your site.

hazel said...

Good Morning Sara! I just love your home, looks and sounds like such a happy place! Love your love of pattern. Fantastic!

Victorious1 said...

I bet no one ever gets depressed in your happy, cheerful looking home. Can we come tour it? Now wouldn't that be a fun way to meet people? (just kidding!) You could always do an online tour???

Keep up the great blog!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I love all the cheerful color in your house! The bowls are perfect! I need to take you to the Ivy Cottage and Old Time Pottery in Wilmington. You'd love it!

Sarah said...

The laptop cover is genius!