Friday, June 6, 2008

some of God's miracles

My bean plants! They are actually growing! (don't ask to see the carrots...they were struck down by the unseasonable hail...)

Look! Look! Tomatoes!

There is a nest in one of our hanging plants. Here is what I found today. All of the baby birds (about 4) were sleeping with their little beaks open! It was so cute! They just snored away as I watered the plant and snapped their picture. I am sure momma bird was watching from a nearby tree ready to peck me to death.

Here are some baby stories that will make you cry....
Baby who lives for 99 days

And this, a new baby born to a friend of mine, in her living room! I cried while reading this....I have seen it happen on t.v, but not to someone I know! Amazing story (if you like birth stories...)


Sarah said...

I haven't looked at the birth story yet, but my SIL gave birth to twins at home, by accident. She dleivered the first one by herself! CRAZY.

Fifi said...

The story about Eliot made me cry and cry. I couldn't control myself! What amazing parents!

Pam said...

I had seen that 99 Balloons video before, and I cried again!

I loved your friends' birth story, especially the part about the GARBAGE MAN!

Your garden looks great!!! Sorry to hear about the carrots...I know first-hand about the destructive power of hail.