Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finally; A Beverage to Love

Glaceau Vitamin Water- We love this stuff! I am happy to finally have a drink of choice! There are the latte loonies, and the Diet Coke Addicts, the Starbucks crazies (who else can I offend...), Oh yes, the Chai tea chickens...and the Barley Green Nerds :)

So Dave and I have found something to drink (he has quit Diet Coke if you haven't heard). Try it, you will like it- so many flavors and funny things to read on the bottle.

Glamor magazine called and they want this photo for their cover. I said, OK OK, just as long as you give Target the credit for the sunglasses (yes, they fit over my regular glasses as long as I wear them upside down).


Jennifer said...

I can't believe Dave gave up Diet Coke!! I am sorry, but I'll never be able to do such a thing!

S&s said...


you crack me up.

I find it hilarious that my too-funny sister-in-law is making fun of everyone else while she wears her sun glasses UPSIDE DOWN


OVER her regular glasses.

With that said. . .do you realize how much sugar is in you new drink of choice???

I know, I am being a party pooper;)

Are you guys going to see our teens? I think they're arriving at your church tomorrow. . .and will be there until next Sunday. . .my great friend Julie will be there too;)

You are hilarious!

musicteach said...

Dear Mme. Glaceau
As a regular contributor to Canadian blogs, I value your ingenious fashion statement. Would you consider allowing me to be your Canadian agent, or is that all tied up by Mme. Fosmark? Tu est tres amusante!

Mark & Trish said...

Actually....this sis-in-law is a water lover, you didn't make fun of me.....YET!

hee hee,

Sue said...

Sarah said everything I thought EXACTLY as I read your post, you NERD! I am dying laughing. Did you ever stand up comedy? You are too funny.

4kids&luvit said...

Ok, I take back everything I ever said about people who wear flip up sunglasses. Yours are way cooler:)

Keri said...

Hilarious! How do you follow-up a post like this? I can't wait to see!

Jana said...

Love all the NYC pictures. I have always wanted to live there, I just wouldn't want to spend all my millions on an Upper East side condo.

Sarah said...

There are too many funny things in this post to begin to comment on. So I will just say HILARIOUS. You are a star.

I am offended by your comments though. I fit into at least one of those categories and I find myself completely normal and adjusted. I am glad to see you now have an addiction though--it makes me feel better. That stuff is good, but if I am going to give myself a sugar high for the day, I would much rather do it with a Frappucino. :-) And then some regular old water to wash it down.

Love all of the pictures....very jealous of your travels. Can hardly wait for you to arrive home so I can receive my beautiful cowboy picture! :-)

Steph said...

Oh how funny is this post! I like this water too - I feel so good about myself when I pick it over Mt. Dew (my drink of choice).
And HEY - I must find those sun glasses - being a glasses wearer - I always suffer in the sun, but these seem like the perfect solution to my squinty eye problem!
:) We four eyed mom's need to help each other out with great tips like this one.

christina said...

Your vacation looked like it was GREAT fun! My sister margaret told me to give Vitamin Water a try, and it's really good!