Friday, April 11, 2008



dhuntman said...

Hi Sara,

I LOVE these!

Will you be making any of these into cards???

I am going to be making a purchase in the near future!!! These would make great cards.


Anonymous said...

I like the scraps that look like the American flag.

Laura D said...

Love the new paintings as always! You do such a great job and are inspiring me. Hopefully soon I'll start a blog so you can see the pics. I was wondering... 1) If you simply paint your canvas (no fabric or paper scraps) do you still put a coat of modge podge or something else over the painting?
2) Do you paint your sayings as well or use a pen, etc?

Since I don't have a blog would you mind emailing me... Thanks for the encouragement you blog gives me. I'm really enjoying starting to get creative!!! = )

WendyJanelle said...

Ohhh....I especially love the first one!!