Friday, April 18, 2008

Meet Our Newest Family Member!

Only this family member is not allowed inside- he needs to protect our carrot seeds!!! The boys named him Cranskey Pirate. We are so lucky because our friends who had this house before us put in this nice raised garden bed. We are planting it one step at a pressure, starting with the carrots. Tonight Dave burned the piles of sticks and leaves that were in the other end of the garden area (it was a huge fire- Dad, you would have loved it....but the boys thought we should call 911).

I have never been able to plant or grow this will be interesting, but I have enjoyed digging out there with the kids, enjoying God's artistry!!

Anyone else out there digging in the dirt?


4kids&luvit said...

If my tomato plants thrive then maybe you can teach me all about carrots. I'm not holding my breath though...Some sweet person gave Lauren an african violet while in the hospital and it's already looking sad. I don't really think my tomatoes will make it:) How long do carrots take, are they easy to grow/take care of?

gailsgarden said...

I lke your scarecrow. Where did you come up with that name? It sounds like something the boys would think of!!! I hope you get some veggies. I remember that you had a garden in GV. We planted sunflowers in Children's church and the kids were so excited that they had sprouted in a week!

Katie & the boys said...

Now that's adorable!

Pam said...

I tried carrots a couple years ago, but they were teeny! David tilled the garden today. He said the tiller went through the dirt like much better than when we first started tilling a year ago!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

digging dirt... moving rock... Spring HAS sprung!

i love Cranskey... how fun is he! he should no a mighty job of keeping those stinkers at bay!

funny thing... i had similar thoughts while digging... being in awe of "god's artistry"!