Sunday, March 2, 2008


The backseat: me 'Nita, & Val

Here we are on our way to Virginia Beach for a ladies retreat. We left Friday at noon and got back last night.

One night at the Holiday Inn
2 meals out
3 meals catered to us at the retreat
3 messages from a great speaker(Holly Stratton)
2 inspiring workshops
6 hours of driving
fun getting to know each other better
no practical jokes this year (??)
lots of gum chewed in the car
lots of laughter and stories
and prayer together with friends in the Lord....

The front seat: Rhonda & Edith

My sweet roommates; Nancy, Sarah, & Candace

I met one of my customers!!!!!! Hi Davina!!! It was nice to meet you! Also saw Laura and Heidi who have been to the blog too- good to see you guys!

It was fun to see Sarah (Dave's sister). We got to sit together for most of the sessions.

Sarah made a photo holder in her Trash to Treasure class- very cute. The bottom round part is a magnet made from a bottle cap and paper (I thought of you, Barb)

The decorations were fabulous! It was all done so nicely. The theme was Traveling With Purpose.

I was making her stand and pose...

here we all are, the group from our church

The Lord spoke to my heart so sweetly this weekend. I am excited to continue the study in Ephesians that we started and to try and memorize the book.....this may take a long while- but I need these scriptures to be in my heart.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful retreat! You have a lot of ladies at your church. :)

Jennifer said...

looks like a lot of fun!

Sarah said...

Oh what fun. I could use a retreat...

S&s said...

okay. who is the complete dork in the orange coat? Oh yea--that's me!!! Hee! Yikes!

Glad you had a great time! How was your cold shower and memorizing Ephesians while shaving your legs??? ;)