Friday, March 28, 2008

My Favorite Second Hand Finds

My camera cooperated and let me upload a few photos. I am thankful for good thrift stores- what fun to find a treasure. I am also blessed with sweet friends who keep their eyes out for me when they shop. A funky hat for the baby from Sarah P.

I have put these red hanging baskets up in every house that we've lived in. I found them in a thrift store on Guam.

My newest favorite Goodwill piece. Thanks Nancy for the beautiful pedestal bowl. The patchwork place mats are also from Goodwill. How fun to search through the bin and find one, and then two, three, all four!

the red purse came from a consignment shop for a really good price

These shoes still do not fit the two year old. And I think I bought them before she was born. Goodwill specializes in Gap merchandise :)

little carrot bench- found at the Salvation Army in Asheboro

This little Old Navy outfit is too cute to get rid of. The baby wore it to church the first time she went.

another $2 Gap special

love my little yard stick holder- found at a funky little local thrift store

My friend, Yolanda gets the privilege of working at a thrift store! I am sure she finds lots of treasures! Thanks for the little sewing kit!

Another gift, and keeper.... this red pitcher has been in the kitchen and then the living room on display

The candle holders are so cute- and cheap too- somewhere between $1 & $2
And you remember this little polka-dot pitcher.

I found this blue chair at a yard sale in Greenville

another little treasure

Pickens flea market! I still remember the guy selling this strawberry to me and telling me how valuable it is :)


shabby tin

and last, and maybe least- tiny little strawberries to hang from a knob


Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love the little shoes and the little red outfits.

gailsgarden said...

I like the bowl from Nancy. I have seen most everything else! :)

WendyJanelle said... many wonderful things!! My favorites are the shoes, red pitcher, hanging many wonderful things!! I also LOVE polka dots, and really just anything red. The cherry dress is awesome, too!!

Pop Pop & Granna said...

Love the pedestal bowl!

Fee said...

Wow you are clever to find such gorgeous stuff..... at such low prices!!!