Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bathroom Re-do? Playroom Re-do??

We are going to forget right now that the baby's dresser is not done, that our bedroom is not finished, and that the house needs to be de-cluttered in a very bad way....

We are going to press on, and in the light of SPRING, think of all of the new projects that we can start -right here at the Mincy house!!!!!!!!

I am very inspired and in the mood to paint the upstairs bathroom- AQUA....or maybe a light turquoise (is that the same thing???). It has been pink, and that has been OK, but now I want some vibrant color. Aqua walls, red towels, patchwork shower curtain with lots of prints and color (mainly aqua and red....and some orange and white). Can you just picture it????

Then on to the playroom. I have been DYING to paint something with chalkboard paint. Maybe a space ship theme....stars, astronauts, the moon, chalkboards all over- can you just picture it?!?!?

OK and then there is this possibility that one of our rooms might be able to become my office/studio/craft storage area!!!!!!!! OH MY WORD!!!!!! I can just imagine it......
one full wall painted with chalkboard/magnetic paint to be my inspiration board
One wall pink with red details (painted polka-dots or something like that
One wall orange
One wall light green with dark green grass-like lines.

I cannot even imagine the luxury of having my paints organized and all of our craft stuff easily accessible.


Sarah said...

Sounds fun! Makes me wish my house wasn't painted in all neutral and boring Resoration Hardware type colors :)

The Younges said...

whew!! I am tired just READING what you want to do!! I just finished the first coat on my half bath! It is a gold color, maybe fun??? maybe not... but it will look nice with the border I have already. Want any help???

Dana D said...

I can't wait to see what you do! I love all the happy colors in your house!

Sarah said...

And then I would like MY living room to did say you are coming to my house next, right? :-)
The bathroom sounds so cool. I wish I was a little more brave with colors. I always stick to muted ones---sage greens, dark lavendars, deep reds, etc. Very safe (and boring....) :-)

Stephanie said...

I stick to muted colors too and then wonder what I was thinking. Life is too short to play it so safe, at least with color. I do have to laugh, though, to hear you describe it all. You are OUT OF CONTROL!!! (and adorable)