Friday, February 1, 2008

The Train

At this point I was saying, "what am I even trying to do....!"
Thank goodness says to freeze the cake before you try to cut and ice it. I think that helped a lot- I had enough trouble getting the cars covered with icing as it was.
Things I learned from this cake: never try to separate cheap chocolate cookies.....Oh and read the recipe, it says to use the whole cookie for each wheel....that would have helped.
Well I can't show the whole thing now can I? I have to wait for the right moment when the train is sitting in it's special place on the red plastic table cloth.

Happy Birthday Party Eve :)


gailsgarden said...

WOW!!! That train just oozes with calories! But it IS cute and Wil must love it! It will be a very special day for him.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

choo choo... i love it! great job... okay i'm impressed!

everyone will just love it!

YES!!!!! let's put bricks on their heads & keep them from growing up! StOp... stay sweet!

hope the party goes great! oh... of course it will!