Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday & Sunday

The cake was yummy, and very fattening :) The 5 year old boy went to bed happy and tired.

After the party, I snuck out alone and went to Goodwill. It has been awhile since I have been there, since I had been on a self imposed buying freeze for January. What fun to browse around and find some good deals. This photo of the little jumper for the baby does it no justice at all, and the jeans are so cute for the 6 year old. Both had the tags still on. I got an armload of stuff that I love and the retail therapy was wonderful!!!!

Church was great today, we had a missionary who works with preparing Pastors and leaders of underground churches (in a place that I won't say, so I can protect them from their government!) It is amazing to think that while we sit in our chairs on Sunday in our free churches and openly worship God, there are people who want to go to church knowing that they could get thrown in jail just for being there. Their love to Jesus is so evident. Their devotion to God is more important than their lives. They know that the worst that could happen is that they could get killed, but then would be free forever in the most wonderful place, heaven, and be with our Savior. Very convicting. I was so glad the boys could hear about this ministry and understand that what we have here is not always the norm.


gailsgarden said...

The cake was really cute! I especially liked the pop corn coming out the smoke stack (wasn't it?)! What alot of work!!!

Your purchases are very nice!

I am glad that you told about the missionary! I am sure it was a challenge that we all need to hear periodically.

Anonymous said...

The cake turned out so cute and I love that dress! When my hubby and boys went shopping last night, I stayed home and didn't miss it! :)

I'm wondering if the missionary who visited your church is the same one who came to ours. Last night I read a special report from the Voice of the Martyrs and was so moved. It reminded me so much of what was written in Safely Home. Let's continue to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

Victorious1 said...

Awesome cake - what a great memory for your son.

Retail therapy does wonders for the soul of us moms... and our hearts are thankful... and all is well in the world after success with kids and shopping.

Thanks for all the great pictures too.


S&s said...

I love Wil's cake! So cute!! I bet he loved it!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh yes... thank God there are those who sacrifice SO MUCH for the good of others!

p.s. i am all about thrifting... real gems to be found!

Katie & the boys said...

The cake looks awesome...choo choo!

Thanks for the reminder about how we ought to thank God every day for our freedom to worship and love Him openly.

Dana D said...

That is the cutest cake I have ever seen! You did a wonderful job!

Pam said...

Wow, that cake was a very ambitious project, but it turned out great!

Great finds at Goodwill!

Splaneyo said...

Your cake looks fantastic! What a lot of work though!