Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Love Story

I had written this last year for my family blog, so all of my loved ones have already seen it, but I thought that in light of Valentine's day I would post it I like to remember it....

When Dave Met Sara

We met out on the island of Guam. He was the music minister for the church, and I was a Kindergarten teacher. He was MUCH older (and he still is...). We like to tease each other about this- like the fact that when he was in the 6th grade, I was in the 1st grade.

So, for the first year that I was on Guam, we didn't have much contact with each other. I was a lowly first year teacher..struggling just to make it through each day with the 30 naughty (but also very sweet) students, a third of which didn't even speak good English.

A funny memory for us is when I asked him to play the piano for my little Christmas play. It was such a disaster!!!! The innkeeper would not come out of the refrigerator box (the inn). The rest of the kids were cutting up. The parents were standing on the chairs to see the kids... all in all it was a complete...hit! (remember this was Kindergarten).
That is pretty much the only memory we have of our first encounter with each other.

I don't know if I have ever told this to Dave because I played so hard-to-get with him...but I do remember singing my very best in the congregation on Sundays, in case he might notice me!! Haha. It is not that I had a crush on him...but I was a little interested in him, being the older man and all.

The one event that really opened our eyes to each other was a Birthday party of a mutual friend. Dave showed up wearing a casual outfit...looking very comfy and approachable. I had really only seen him on stage leading songs on Sunday. He saw me, I saw him...our eyes locked over the bean dip...hahaha. We did start talking and I noticed that he tried to be close to me for the rest of the night.

A couple days later he asked me out....IN A LETTER THAT HE PUT IN MY MAILBOX!!!! I have never gotten him to admit it, but I think he was just too nervous (awwww). I said yes, of course. We had an awful first date.

This is not a picture of our first date- but a later date when Dave directed an All-Island band
The First Date
The reason our first date was so bad was probably because we double dated with another couple. We didn't know a thing about each other..and the other couple had been together forever- so I think it was a little awkward that way. Dave and I needed the time alone to just talk and get to know each other. Also, his car was in the shop for some reason, so we went to his apartment to pick him up. I don't know, all in all it was not the best first impressions...I went away thinking that he would not ask me out again, and he went away thinking that I was not interested.

BUT the catalyst of the whole situation was a little thank you note that I made for Dave. When I gave it to him- he was very much encouraged and had some hope that I just might go out with him again!
This is a scan of the thank you card that changed our destiny!!!!! We keep it on display in our room.
Each date thereafter got better and better. And the rest is History...except there was the big break-up and the whirlwind engagement...

The Break-up
We had been dating for awhile (almost 4 months)...and as it got closer to Christmas, things were getting more serious. I felt I had to take a step back...just not sure about things. So, Dave had invited me to go to this REALLY NICE restaurant at one of the hotels down there on the beach (we are still on Guam). I felt like such a heel...but knew that if I wasn't sure about things that I should break it off. We are sitting there at Roy's eating the best meal I have ever had (the salmon just fell off of the fork). I tell him that we need to break up- that I just want to be friends. I start crying my head off! He is all stoic and serious, not crying or upset (that I could tell). So we finish the meal and walk out into the hotel lobby, and see all of these people that we know- it was a bit awkward as I have tear streaks all over my face. Anyway, he tells me that no, we cannot be friends. He wants all or nothing.

We went our separate ways as it was the start of Christmas break. Dave goes to Greenville to be with his family. As he is gone..I am missing him very much and I find out later that he was crying himself to sleep..Ha- maybe not, but he was sad.

The Make-up
A couple weeks after he gets back, he tells me that OK he will be friends, we can hang out with each other BUT on the condition that I know he is trying to get me back. So I said- OK!! This should have been my first clue that I really did love the guy but, I am a little slow. So, we basically start doing everything together again...but Oh no, we aren't dating! On Valentines day 1999, he gets me yellow roses dipped in red. This was him being tricky- yellow roses are for friends, while red roses are for the one you love. I remember my Dad telling me on the phone that he didn't think that you got roses from someone who is just friends!!!

I think we were out for dinner at the Outback (our favorite) when I finally admitted that OK I really do LOVE you, Dave!!! I pretty much could not live without him..and vice versa (right Dave?!)

The Engagement
So we started to make plans to get married the following summer. Then Dave starts to convince me that we really need to get married THAT that point it was in 3 months!!! There was NO way that I could plan a wedding in 3 months!!! I remember calling my parents on April 1st and telling them that we wanted to get married in 3 months (yes, he had convinced me that waiting a year and 3 months was just too long!!) My parents thought it was a pretty good April fools joke!!!!

But it wasn't a joke- and we did get married 3 months later on July 3, 1999. I am so glad we did!! The only drawback was not getting to meet Dave's parents until the wedding rehearsal. I was pretty nervous about that! But, things worked out pretty well. We got married in my hometown- Saint John NB,Canada. I could never get too stressed about the wedding because there just wasn't enough time to get stressed!


Fee said...

Sara..... what a beautiful story! I remember that "roller-coaster" journey called courtship!...... boy was it something!!!!
You make a wonderful couple! I loved learning about your past! Thank you!

Becka said...

What a beautiful story Sara. thanks for sharing it.

gailsgarden said...

Ah...and we all lived to tell the story! It was a little dicey meeting our future son-in-law about 1 month before the wedding and for a period of 1 week! We are thankful that God put it all together. That is more and more obvious to us as the years go by. And those grandkids...!!! We love you all! DAD & MOM XOXO

Candace said...


That is such a beautiful love story Sara!! Thanks for blogging about it - I loved reading it! And how sweet you have THE card displayed in your room. Awwwww!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a sweet story! :)

From one Canadian to another - Canada rocks!

Sarah said...

What a great story. I love that you dumped him and then cried your eyes out. Reminds me a little of moi...

Anonymous said...

What a great love story! You make such a cute couple! My hubby and my first "date" didn't go so well either. We played tennis. I offered him water and he refused. But then later he kept calling me and the rest is history. :)

Rachel and Jacob said...

was the really nice restaurant ROYS??
Cause Nathan bought us a gift card-(theres one in Tampa). IT was booked on Valentines until 10:30 pm :( and I had called over a week in advance..... guess I can book it for next year.... :)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were Canadian too!! Wow, what a cool story! We were married in July as well - 2000 - but for some reason I thought you were much more experienced than me... granted, I was only 18 when we tied the knot! LOL

Megs said...

Wow- I had no idea you were Canadian! I've been reading your blog for ages. We live in Oromocto-my hubby is from Saint John, and so is my dad. You should move back and open a little art shop so I can see your beautiful creations in person! LOL. Great story!