Sunday, February 17, 2008

Links to Share & Some Sweet Gifts

Cute little lollypops! Now lets see if we can remember this for next Valentine's day. From Martha S. I think...
I was browsing the Martha Stewart site, I must have been hungry! It all looked good. Here are some I want to try.....
Honey-Soy Glazed Chicken
Cheddar Carrot balls

Also, I am trying to add some of my favorite blogs on the sidebar. This is a job to do a little at a time!

Now, Just have to talk about Netflix. If you don't know about it, you pay a monthly fee and choose a video from their site- they send it in the mail, as soon as you are done you pop it back in your mailbox (free shipping) and when they get it they will send you the next movie that you have picked out. NOT ONLY THAT!!! We have access to their "watch instantly site" we pick a movie and can watch it on the computer. We have found some great stuff!!! All of these IMAX documentaries...Dolphins, March of the Penguins, OH! and we have seen movies about Jim Elliot (the missionary), John Bunyan (wrote Pilgrims Progress), Martin Luther. Great stuff!!! It has been so worth the 9 bucks a month.

Bloglines. I love this. I have a free account with them. I go to my feeds (where I have subscribed to all of my favorite blogs). Everyday Bloglines tells me who has updated. So instead of going to my loved one's blogs everyday to check if they have posted, I go to Bloglines and it lists the links of who has a new entry! Saves time.

LOOK! It's a doll house!!!! Val found this at a thrift store and gave it to us for our little girl, but really it is for me, right Val?!? I promise to share it with the baby :) I cannot wait to start painting and papering....
It came with some furniture.

Here's the pink bathroom

The kitchen on the right

Living room


And finally, Look- It must be almost Spring! "Aunt" Marilou found these for our soon to be two year old- so cute!!! Thanks, Marilou :)


Anonymous said...

Those flower lollipops are so cute! I may have to check into bloglines. That sounds like a great way to keep up with all your favorite blogs and save time too. Have fun with your dollhouse!

Sarah said...

Those flowers ARE adorable!
Does your littlest one like dressing up already? It is a constant at our house. :-)

Becka said...

I simply can not wait to see the "after" pictures of the dollhouse. Hurry up and finish a room...right now. I wish Esther would play with a dollhouse, but she would rather throw matchbox cars at her brothers.

Oh, and I really like bloglines, but sometimes I miss the beauty of the actual blogs because it displays against the cookie cutter white. I try to comment as much as possible because then I have to link TO the person's actual blogsite and I can catch a glimpse of their individual personality (and sometimes music)

Rachel and Jacob said...

what inspiration.. I should check on bloglines...good idea! by the way. What a fun creative headboard you made for you room!! so neat :) I am trying to think of a way to have "S-L-E-E-P" over our bed or in the room somewhere. I bought three inch letters (kinda small) but I figured I could do more phrases as time goes dream....doze.....etc...... I just don't know the perfect sleepy colors to use....

any suggestions?

Splaneyo said...

I love Bloglines too, but find it is a bit of a production to leave a comment, so sometimes it dosen't happen.

I can't wait to see what you do with the doll house!
Heather said...

you have been busy.
that is very fun.
i must admit i saw a big pink pretty one at hobby lobby last week and thought " i need this?"
i could have alot of fun with a doll house!
for now i will keep the fisher price one that my 13 old used to play with.
it's cheaper that way.

Rachel and Jacob said...

HEY I made those heart flowers in the after school program yesterday with pipe cleaners and lotsa glitter (no lollipops :( ) and they were pretty :)