Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Disorganization, Valentine's, & Kid Art

It usually looks like everything is in order, here at the Art House....that is because I love to crop any photos and take out any dirtiness or clutter. So here today you get to see reality.

Even I have gotten sick of how the CD's have gotten into disorder. I could not find any CD that we needed, and each case had the wrong thing inside. Poor Dave, he likes to keep CD's in alphabetical order.....so I am working on at least getting the right cd in the right case...but really in the light of eternity what purpose does it have?? I know...."all things should be done decently and in order.."

Then there is the living room, and you know how it is, pick it up and the floor is like a magnet- everything gets spread around again.

On to Valentine's....Here is a little plastic rose that I will treasure always from the sweet five year old in the house.

Awwww, tissue paper and glue- gorgeous

My niece sent this in the mail a few weeks ago- so happy!

fun with fingerpaints

Our first Valentine of 2008- thanks Mom!


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

OMGoodness... do you think THAT is messing... come on over... your eyes would pop out of socket! :)

we have the same problem with our dvd's!
i just saw last night in Real Simple a way to organize them! they suggest throwing out all the cases(this is what scares me for some odd reason) & organizing them in pretty binders. the binders hold these plastic sleeves (i HAVE seen these before) that hold four disks each.
i think i really might try this! if i could just get over the whole getting rid of the case thing... the right movie is never inside... so not sure what my hang-up is!
i'll let you know how it works out!

love all the pretty valentines. fun!

Pam said...

I just love Valentine's Day! Our kitchen is covered in red and pink hearts right now!

Anonymous said...

We have a binder with all the CDs inside. It was weird tossing out all the CD cases at first, but now it feels more organized.

My older son made me a Lego flower arrangement when he was little and I still cherish it. Happy Valentine's!