Friday, January 4, 2008

We're Back!!!!!

Dave and I have been gone all week to the Wilds Music Conference (NC). We had a great time, relaxing, singing, learning about music stuff...:), reading, painting, eating snacks, hanging out with Dave's can guess which things Dave did and what I did....although I did go to some of the music sessions, I mostly relaxed!

I will share our pictures a little later when I get it all sorted out. Oh! And it snowed while we were there! Not much, but just enough to see some and take a picture for the kids (who were at home with my parents).

I was so happy to have time to paint. We stayed in a cute little cabin in the woods by a stream....the perfect place to create...

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tacky said...

I hope you took a pic of the little cabin in the woods! Isn't it the best thing for mind, body, soul, spirit, etc. to be able to go away and refresh!?! Thanks to wonderful parents who help us out! Glad you were able to enjoy share what you did!