Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Day

I know this site is mostly about art, but I think that I can write about homeschooling too, after all, it is what goes on at our art house! We have been homeschooling now for 2 years. It has been such a time of growth and learning! And the kids too. But, as a friend and I were just saying today, God has ways of teaching us, and bringing us out of ourselves. Homeschooling has been good for me, and good for my relationship with my kids...and much more, but today I will just give the day in the life.....

I found this new Homeschooling site, The Heart of the Matter, and love it!! Lots of great encouragement and help. Today they are doing a Day in the Life of a Homeschool I thought I would join in the fun, since I have so enjoyed reading about what everyone else does in their homes. I think I will tell what we did was a little different schedule than normal, but as I have heard before, that is what makes homeschooling *special*....that each day is just a little different!

Fridays are usually field trip days for us, so I don't feel the pressure to get in all of the academics, especially if we have been on track all week.

6:30- I had to get up very quietly today as to not wake the boys who were sleeping in my room while Dave is gone. He comes home today after being gone a week for work. We missed the guy.

Had my quiet time with the Lord, thankful for this time alone, in the quiet to give God the Glory and thanks for even just the health to get out of bed. God is so good to us everyday. I took a quick shower, got mostly ready before I heard the boys pop out of bed at 7:30. They have to stay in bed until then...otherwise my 6 year old would be up at 5am making breakfast and who knows what else...loudly :) The 2 year old woke up too and called for me..."MOMMEEE...Lunch, Mommy...Lunch!" That girl wakes up thinking about her stomach!

7:30- Breakfast

8:00- Chores, get dressed, 2 year old played in her room while the rest of us made beds, did laundry, etc.

8:30- now usually we have to have the 2 year old doing something else so that we can have our devotion time and prayer, but I was inspired by a lady who said that little ones can learn to sit quiet and listen. So I thought we would give it a try today. She sat and listened while we did a shorter version of our Bible story, and while we reviewed the wordless book. Then the boys and I each prayed and she sat quiet for that 5 minutes as well. We were all very happy! Amazing...if we work at it everyday I am sure she will be able to sit for longer periods of time.

We went over our verse memory, I Cor 13:4-7...LOVE this chapter!!! Love suffers long and is kind....funny how I had to keep reminding the boys of this verse today.

9:00- I gave the boys their project-they had to cut out about 20 different animals and then clip them to a plate that had pictures of each animal's habitat. This was fun for them, so they colored and cut for some time. The 6 year old instructed the 4 year old the whole time about each animal and where that animal lives. Thank goodness we have 2 teachers in the house..... :)

9:45- We all went into the baby's room and while the younger two played, my 6-yr-old and I did some reading in his reader. Then we did his addition flashcards..this time allowing him to jump each time he answered. For everyone who knows my 6 year old, you will know how much he loved it...until he said his jumpers were wearing out.

10:15- get ready and head out the door for our little Friday treat- a trip to Burger King. We met a friend there, and enjoyed the play space. After lunch we went to the park for a bit and ran and played.

1:00- baby in bed for nap, the boys had a quiet time with books. I think my 4 year old fell asleep for awhile.

3:00- I gave the boys each two papers to do, writing and phonics. Then ate snacks, and played outside for about an hour.

4:00- My oldest helped me make the supper of grilled cheese and soup. He said he can't wait to make "girled cheese" for his wife someday.

4:45 - We ate much earlier than normal because Dave was not here and there is nothing left to do but wait til we can pick him up at the airport!!!


I am so thankful that God has given these children to us, to raise and train, and disciple! The best days that we have are the ones where we start out spending time with the Lord, and when we keep our hearts focused on Him. The best days are the ones where I have nothing planned except to teach and spend time with the kids. They are precious! We have many bad days too, but I thank the Lord that He gives us encouragement when we need it!


Tina said...

What a wonderful schedule you have! Thanks for letting us have a peek into your day. I would love to see a picture of 9am activity. :o)

And I LOVE your note cards! You are a very talented gal. :o)


Anonymous said...

What an encouraging post! It's neat to see what others are doing in their homeschool. I wrote about our homeschool day earlier in the school year, though yesterday was a bit different because my older son had a tummy ache. We did more reading and cleaning (because company was coming) than usual, and skipped some writing and math for the older one.

Gretchen said...

What a great post -- thank you so much! I am participating in a grown-up homeschooler panel on Tuesday night, so it was great to reflect on those good old homeschool days.

I think it is why TO THIS DAY, I love to be at home. When I leave for work, a part of me is left behind.

LisaWA said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us! My goal is to wake earlier this week, so I can have my own quiet time before the house wakes. This will truly help set the tone of my day.

Since I have been doing bible study w/ my girls, I have neglected my own quiet time over the last few years... shame on me...


Heidi said...

First, thank you for letting us peek into your day!!
Second, I had a little green (envy) monser on my shoulder when I was looking at your beautiful pictures. You are extremely talented!!! (I am lucky to make a stick figure that a person can recognize as being either male or female...seriously!! :)
Anyway, thanks again - - and WOW...WOW....WOW, with your creative abilities!!!

gailsgarden said...

That was fun, Sara! Almost like being there! Boohoo! We miss you all! I won't tell you where that adorable house picture is right now. Needless to say, I have not been able to deal with everything since we returned. I will send a pic when I have it in place. I LOVE it! Thank you! Oh, and the rug is ALMOST done. My rug hooking friend was here today, but we had so much catching up to do that we didn't get much hooking done. It will be in the mail soon!

Erin Neiner said...

THANK YOU for this post!! I have 2 little boys (almost 4 and 1) and we are planning on homeschooling. I might add, mostly out of necessity...but the desire is also there! :) I started my oldest on "school stuff" and I realized why I DID NOT major in El. Ed. BUT, nonetheless, your post was a refreshing reminder to God's calling in our life and what He might have for each of us to learn in the things we must do! Thank you also for the "heart" link. I bookmarked it and know I will be going back there often!!! Love your art!!!!! So colorful and whimsy and full of life! I don't know how your related...but I am a blogger friend of your sis in law, i think, Sarah Branine. I was at nbbc for a year when Stephen was there also. Anyway...thanks again.