Friday, January 25, 2008

New Paints & The Start of the Bedroom Redo

My artsy friend, Val, gave me some gouache (pronounced Gwash) paints to try out. I LOVE vibrant, brilliant, and thick. Very fun to play around with. I used them, here, on the big canvas with my acrylics (this is a work in progress). Only then did I decide to research the paint a little more. Turns out, you aren't supposed to mix it with acrylics....anyway, aside from sniffing the toxic fumes (just kidding, they aren't bad), I had fun with this, trying to come up with something for our bedroom. The most neglected and un-decorated room in the house.

See what happened with the bedroom is this: all the advice you get about bedrooms is to make sure they are calm and soothing and blah blah blah. So I decided that I needed to try another color scheme in there other than what I love (reds, oranges, bright greens, etc). So I have had NO inspiration at all to have this "calm" and "relaxing" room. I even started this painting out in cool colors. Light greens and blues. I got the idea to glue on some letters, envelopes, pictures of Dave and I, memory stuff.

Then before I could stop myself here came the oranges, the hot pinks, reds, bright blues, purples, and yellow. NOW I AM INSPIRED!!!!!!!!!! It is all so clear to me .
The walls in our room are gray. I would love to keep them gray. Now it will work. This will be the color palette:


Black & White patterns

Lime Green
mustard yellow
dark red

OK so basically every color of the rainbow, but with a lot of black accents to anchor the eye. FUNKY!!!! Chinese paper lanterns, more geometric paintings, colorful scarves hung on pegs, a colorful rug, some throw pillows in different patterns, colorful window treatments!!!! Not calm, but to me calm...and Dave seems to approve :) SO this will be the February project. I am thinking of the budget, and just to make it fun (and frugal) I think we will set a very low amount (not more than $100 for all of it). All we really need are the curtains, new lampshade maybe, pillowcases. The Chinese lanterns are not exactly a need...


S&s said...

okay--Sara, that is like the greatest thing EVER!!!!!! You better charge big bucks if someone wants one of those done (like me!!!!!)Very cool!

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see what you do. Our bedroom has grey walls too. We repainted every other room in our house when we moved in but ran out of steam bf we got to our room. I feel like it's cold and drab...I hate it. Inspire me!

Sarah: said...

Have fun! You are much braver than I(and can pull it off!) I am too chicken to do alot of colors--my bedroom is wine red with tans and sage greens.....boring. :-)
Love the pic of you and Dave!

Sue said...

The most amazing thing is that you will use ALL those colors, to be sure, and it will look great. Most people get confused (like me) with more than three or four colors. BTW, Jim gave me your prints today!!! What a surprise. I have a huge wall in my family room and your beautiful, colorful, spiritual art is just what it needs. I am going to make a whole wall collage of my friend's art.

Dana D said...

I can't wait to see the finished project! And, I completely understand how reds, oranges, greens, etc. can be calming colors! They're calming in a happy way!

Pam said...

Girl, you do what makes you happy and relaxed. I know it will come out great if you do what you love.