Monday, January 21, 2008

House Cleaning????

My friend, Pam, asked some cleaning questions that I thought were interesting. Cleaning is such a crazy part of life that you just gotta do. Here are my answers, Pam, now where are yours?? Now be brave, we want to know how often you clean your bathroom too!!
  • Are you clutter-free or a pack rat?
I try to be clutter free, but then we go to Goodwill and find more junk to bring home. Plus the kids have so many books, toys, and homeschool stuff- it adds up. But I am planning a yard sale very soon.
  • How often do you clean the bathroom?
Once a week, but if we have company, or if I know someone is dropping by I go and wipe everything down real quick.

  • Do you let your dishes pile up, or do them as you go along?
Depends what is going on. I love to have them all done by the time Dave gets home...but it seems like people keep eating, and eating, and putting dirty dishes in the sink!!

  • Do you have a regular cleaning routine, or do you just go crazy when company is coming?
Before I had my third child, I had a regular routine, and a list of everything that needed to get done each week. When the 3rd baby came, I ditched the list and just tried to keep the laundry and dishes done at least, and then tackled stuff when I got the chance......

BUT NOW- I have a plan!!!! And a friend who has helped to change my life for the better! I take my kids to Jessie's house once a week for 3 hours. The kids have a great time together (mostly :) and I go home and clean like mad. I get the house vacuumed, dusted, mopped, and scrubbed. Then all week I just try to maintain. I feel much calmer because I know there is coming a day when the house will be spotless (at least for a few hours). I pay Jessie a little bit, just so it is worth her time, and so I don't feel like I am imposing on them. It has changed my life!!! I have taken back control :)

  • Is your bedroom a haven or a catch-all?
The 2 days after I clean it is a haven, and then the clean laundry starts piling up again, waiting to be put away.

  • What about your car's interior and exterior?
Hopefully not too bad, but there always seem to be toys and jackets, etc laying around in there. The exterior- pretty good- that's Dave's job....

  • Does it bother you when you go to some one's house and it is messy and/or dirty?
Only if I get stuck to the floor, or if I feel like the food is infested. Or of my kids put something in their mouths and I think they will get sick.

  • What do you do about clothes that are inside out?
Only you, Pam would think of this. Sometimes I just give it to the boys and they put it away in their drawer (if it is clean) then they have to deal with it when it comes time to be worn.

  • Wives, does your husband notice and verbally express appreciation for all the cleaning you do? Does his expression of appreciation matter to you, or do you love to clean just for the joy of a clean home?
I like to keep it clean for Dave, I think especially because he never complains if it is dirty. He also helps out a lot. I do just like to have a clean house, though. It is such a peaceful feeling to have everything shiny and in it's place. And I'll tell you what- it is so satisfying to finally get it clean and see a dustpan FULL of debris; crumbs, paper scraps, big chunks of food.....just since breakfast. What will I do when the kids move out and there isn't as much to even clean? Oh, I forgot, our middle child says he is never moving out. I will be making him clean up. "that is it kid- you are 28- make your own snacks!!!!"


Sarah said...

I'm not brave enough to answer these questions on my blog. It would blow my cover as the mom who has it all yogether :) Sounds like you have a good system, I'm a little jealous.

Anonymous said...

I saw these questions on Pam's blog and left my answers in her comments section. I'm trying to tackle a small project every week. :)

Pam said...

Great answers, thanks for playing! I finally got mine up this evening. I had to laugh that you would know that I would ask about the inside out clothes. It is actually a pet peeve of mine, but I try not to say too much on my blog that could cause marital difficulties! :D