Monday, December 10, 2007

Artist Interview: Gail Fosmark- Rug Hooker, Seamstress, Decorator, All- Around Artsy Mom

Here she is! My Mom!

Doing her favorite craft- rug hooking

Sara: What inspires you to create?
Mom: I like to give something of myself as gifts. I love the old crafts and making something out of what others would throw away. I become very attached to something I am making. I want to finish the project, but then I am sorry I am finished. Kind of like reading a good book!

S: What is your favorite medium to work with?
M: Right now I am really interested in rug hooking and I think it will be a rest-of-life thing. I like to hook with wool fabric which is cut into strips. I have also hooked
with wool yarn, but don't like doing it as well. However I do like the
finished product.

Here is a photo that my mom took of some cranberries that they picked by the side of the road

S: When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?
M: A nurse, I think. I also planned to live at home with my mommy! :) I started
sewing when I was in junior high and always wanted to "DO IT MYSELF!" I
also knit, crochet, cross stitch and have sewed a lot over the years.
The rug she is working on for my house

S: If you had more time, what would you do creatively?
M: More rug hooking!!! I would love to teach it, but not in this area. There are too
many rug hookers and teachers. I would like to teach a home course in an
area where it is not common. I took a course in a lady's home. It was
really fun even though I felt like the class dummy and didn't know anybody
Not only is she artsy, she also has a green thumb- here are some grapes that she and my dad grew

S: What would the perfect artist studio be for you? (if you had unlimited funds)
M: I would like it to be at our farm, of course. Maybe it
could be in the upstairs of the house we would love to build with windows looking out in every direction! It would have all kinds of neat antique cupboards for my stash of fabric (which is from old wool skirts that I buy at Frenchy's, our great 2nd hand boutique).
Some of her many flowers

S: Who would you like to learn from if you had a chance to be mentored by a specific artist?
M: I was not overly excited about hooking itself when I took my class. It was not until I saw the work of Deanne Fitzpatrick in Amherst, Nova Scotia, that I was truly inspired. She has written a book called Hook Me a Story and another book is out too, I think. She also has a website called By the Door Hooked Rugs at I would be interested in learning more from her. I like her work and her approach to rug hooking. She was raised in Newfoundland by a mother and grandmother who did rug hooking. She has written about the history of rug hooking and she enjoys hooking the way the old timers did, which is different from somehooking done now. But that is too detailed to go into!

She is always decorating for events at their church- here is a ladies lunch, they decorated in a vintage laundry theme

S: Any more thoughts you would like to share?
M: One thing I really like about rug hooking is that it is very individualized. You can do your own thing, nothing is wrong! They say it is a very forgiving craft. Some hookers just do pieces to hang on the wall. I want to do rugs that you walk on like the rug hookers did years ago. I take pictures of old rugs in antique shops. I also have two pieces of old floor covering at the farm that I hope to copy in hooking someday. Last year I visited a rug hooking group. A lady there tried to sell me rug hooking kits, fabric and drawn out patterns. I never went back. "I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF!" Hunting for the fabrics, thinking up the design, drawing it, the whole thing is part of the fun!

My mom's kitchen

Thank you Mom!!! You are an inspiration to me! You make life more beautiful for all of those around you! I love you!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like you and your mom have a lot in common! I especially like her kitchen--it looks like something out of a magazine.

Anonymous said...

She sounds amazing! I like the kitchen pic too. I would be one to buy the rug hooking kit (for the craft-challenged). :)

Sarah: said...

No wonder you are so talented! :-) I adore her house....can you both come stay with me for a weekend?!

Sue said...

You and your mom make me WISH I was artsy. Alas, I would skip the rug hooking kit and just buy the rug all done :))). I think your mom is "hooked" in a good way!

Gretchen said...

Sar -- you are a chip off the ol' block. Your momma is just like you! She's got such a great eye. I love her idea for a studio! And I am so inspired by the vintage laundry theme. That looks like an adorable ladies lunch!

I took your idea about featuring artists, except that I am just featuring family members -- but my first feature is my cousin who is an artist! :)