Thursday, December 27, 2007

Artist Interview: Barb Blair, Knack Studios (part 3- the house)

So here are the pictures of Barb and Jon's house, that I snuck around and took, while everyone else was out....because usually this house doesn't look this quiet. There is always something fun going on here.
kid art on the kitchen wall

the living room

the back porch

more of Barb's creations

my niece's ceiling

dining room

Barb's desk and inspiration board

I have always loved Barb's style, but she and Jon also are very warm and hospitable people. When you are at their house, you feel cozy and happy (even if you get Oreo ball stains on the ottoman....sorry again :)

Thanks, Barb, for letting us into your life....and letting me click away like the paparazzi. We enjoyed the tour! You are an inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Super cute house! I like her idea for hanging kid art on the kitchen wall.

Sara Mincy said...

WOW! There are lots of additions since I have been there! To bad we haven't been invited back! Ha ha! If we didn't live so far away...

Sara's Mom

Gretchen said...

So GORGEOUS! Totally my taste! Love the eclectic artsyness. My fav color combinations are turquoise with red also! But I love TONS of colors like you do!

Candace said...

I am savoring every bit of deliciousness! Thanks for sharing!