Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Artist Interview: Barb Blair, Knack Studios (part 1)

We just got back from Dave's sisters house, where we have been celebrating Christmas. We had a great time with the family....eating, reading the Christmas story, opening gifts, remembering what God has done this last year in our lives. What a wonderful time to be thankful for our salvation and for the fact that Jesus was born on this earth just so he could die for us.

So while we were at Barb's house I took lots and lots of pictures. Of their house, of her studio, and also her booth where she sells some of her creations. Lots of pretty pictures to share over the next few days. I am so excited to share this all with you! Here are just a few to start off on....the Knack tag, and that beautiful mustard colored chest. Love those plates too.

Barb refinishes furniture, but also builds and does a whole bunch more with her power tools :) She has an eclectic style- country-modern/retro/vintage....not sure exactly what to call it- except pure Barb, and always artsy. Thanks, Barb for answering a few questions- I will post just a few Q&A's today to start off.

Sara: When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

Barb: I was just talking to my mom about this, AND..... I never really wanted to be anything:) I guess I just always left my options open, and was in to everything!! I did carve a flower into our telephone table with a paper clip one day, while I was on the phone:) I wish mom still had that table today:)

S: If your house was burning and you got all of your family and pets out, what three things would you take with you if you had the chance?

B: I have to say... my Bible(because it is my journal, where I record everything that happens physically and spiritually in my life) , my kids artwork, and my leather three inch heeled boots from NYC!! Hee Hee!!
Here she is with her new pink tool belt and pink tools. Love the new safety glasses, too ..lets just say these are not your junior high Biology safety glasses....

See you later when I have sifted through the rest of the photos, and added the rest of the interview....for now you can go see her blog here.

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Sara Mincy said...

WOW! A tool belt and safety glasse It is nice that someone takes her work seriously! And I didn't know they made PINK tool belts. If I was in to fixin' things, I would want one too!

The mustard colored chest is very nice!

Sara's MOM