Friday, November 23, 2007

Shopping and Decorating: Makes for a FUN day!

Dave graciously watched the kids as I spent half the day in the stores. Michaels was first, and I spent a long time in the Martha Stewart isles!!!!!!! I got some wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift tags and those sweet strawberry stickers. At least these are things to be given away......I fell into temptation and bought something for myself- but I promise to give it to Dave to wrap and put under the tree :) It is that lime green pot. I have needed a pot this size and when I saw it at Ross for such a steal, I couldn't resist! Thanks, Dave- you have marvelous taste!

I did get a few things for the kids today, and other odd gifts and stocking stuffers. I think my best deal was the Thomas the Train set for $12.99. Now I am deciding which nativity set to get for the baby.
We put up the tree yesterday! And today added little pieces of Christmas here and there- very festive and cozy!!!! What a great few days we have had here at our house....all except for the throwing up in the bathroom by my oldest- too much turkey?!?!


Anonymous said...

I love that green pot! If it had polka dots, it would match your pitcher. :)

I like the first nativity set. At first I thought it looked like Lego people or perhaps Little People. Very cute!

Sarah: said...

I like the first one....where did you find it? I want to get a "kid-friendly" nativity set for the girls to play with.

gailsgarden said...

Your oldest doing the throwing up, was that Dave or Wes?

I like your purchases!

Pam said...

Love, love, LOVE that lime green pot!