Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Coming Soon- Before and After pics of Bathroom Re-do

Dave is home after being gone for a week and a half for training for his new job. We are so happy to see that man :) He even brought us presents (all from Old Navy, even). And he liked our big surprise! We painted (actually Mom painted) our master bedroom bathroom a soft periwinkle/lavender color called Serene Sky....very calming. It feels like a mini vacation whenever I can escape to the bathroom now...maybe that is going a little too far- but it is a nice feeling to add some more color to life!

I have an idea that I am excited about. I was looking through my little white index cards to find a verse that I had written down to memorize.....and the idea hit me- PAINT VERSE CARDS FOR PEOPLE TO PUT UP ALL OVER THEIR HOUSE. I know that a lot of us like to write down a verse and put it up in strategic places so that the scripture will be in our minds and we can meditate on it. Hey, that is one of the reasons I do the cards and prints. BUT with a smaller card- you wouldn't have to frame it or anything, just stick it up wherever - like your bathroom mirror, etc. OR you could use them for a postcard! I will start with the verses that I need in my life, so that I can stick them up all over my house- that means the first one would be the one with this idea:
BE QUICK TO LISTEN, BE SLOW TO SPEAK, BE SLOW TO GET ANGRY. Anyone else have trouble with being slow to speak?!?!


Pam said...


Sue said...

I am always slow to speak...

Wait, maybe I said that too fast.

I NEED THOSE CARDS! I always intend to do that, and sometimes I've even successful, but I know they will never be as pretty as something you would make :)

Gretchen said...

Sar -- that is a FANTASTIC job! You totally should do that! I have little notecards on the back of my cabinet doors. I think you will have buyers for those. What a MINISTRY!