Friday, October 26, 2007

Kid Art

Jana has some cute kid art on her blog. She had her nieces and nephew paint their self-portraits....and the result was so creative and funky! I love how kids paint with so much color and detail.
This painting was done by my 4 year old awhile back. He named it Beep, Beep the Naughty Convertible. That cracks me up every time! He must have a "special sense" to see the car...and its personality! :)

This plane was drawn by my 6 year old. I think it is cute with the boxes stacked up in the back, and the engine up front in the purple area.


gailsgarden said...

Obviously they take after their mama!

Anonymous said...

I started reading a book called "Artful Scribbles: The Significance of Children's Drawings" but had to return it to the library. My boys thought the book would tell what their drawings meant (and what they would be when they grew up), but I don't think it got that specific. It's interesting to watch kids' art develop over time.

Sarah: said...

OK, that convertible title CRACKS ME UP!!! I have got to meet that kid someday. :-)
I love kids' art too, and being a preschool teacher, it is always interesting to me to observe the different styles of painting based on their personalities.
I will have to post one of Big E's masterpieces (if I still have it!). Her class was told to paint an apple tree and hers was the only one that looked drastically different than the rest of the class. I think she is an impressionist......:-)