Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thank You!!!

A bunch of you have been so encouraging and actually seem to want to buy my stuff!!!! Amazing! Thanks for your support! It means a lot.

We have been working on all of the many details...it has been a learning experience to figure out all of the mailing etc. It will still be awhile until it will be ready for sale at
mincymedia, as Dave has to make the new web pages and all....

But, if you want to order you can e-mail me and I will just pop it in the mail for you :)

The cards will be sold in sets of 5 (with envelopes too...we just got those today) for $7.50. (Plus shipping...about $1 or $2.)

The prints will cost you $12.95 each. They are made on acid-free card stock. Size 9x12. The shipping is a little more for these because of the large size (shipping- between $4-$5). I have some links for websites that sell frames in this size. All of these details will be coming.

So send me an e-mail if you are interested....

In the next few days I will post close-up pictures of the prints....so you can see exactly what you might be getting!


Jana said...

I am getting my check book ready!!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures and then I will definately have to order!

Jennifer said...

I love them Sara, I think I will get one of each of the paintings and some cards to. Are you gonna have a paypal account or something set up for this or just do checks and cash? Great work Sara!