Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Search Me, O God

This painting was inspired by so many messages from our Pastor. He is always talking about asking God to search your heart. Make sure you have no unconfessed sin in your life. What a difference it makes when we confess to God, He forgives us so fully! Peace! It is a good way to start every day. So I wanted these verses in a painting that I could look at, and be reminded of on a daily basis.


Valerie said...

Hey Sara!

I could not have said it or painted it better! I have been very encouraged by Pastor's messages lately as well. Ohhh how much peace we forfit because we just don't want to let our perfect Lord search the depths of our hearts. Why? We are missing out on some of the most happiest moments we can experience in this world!! That reminder painted in so many colors expresses the peace and joy He can bring when we let God have our hearts!!
A woman's true longing forfilled!! Doesn't that make you want to paint more??!! Indeed! :-)

Thanks for my smiles today!

I needed them--

Love ya!
Your sis in Christ- "Hey, your stuck with me for eternity" haha

megan duerksen said...

thats just what my study was on that i finished a few minutes ago!
i just came over from kim's blog...love the new sites almost eveyday. i will enjoy checking in and seeing all your projects!

Sue said...

Sara, I would like to order a copy of the Psalm 139 print please. I am guessing that would be about $16?

Sue said...

I got your email about the shipping : ). If it's not too late, why don't you throw in a set of the notecards too then and let me know the total!? Can't wait to get them. I have the perfect spot for print and I will be giving the notecards as gifts...so I only have time to type anymore!