Friday, September 28, 2007

My Little Workplace

I have set up different areas in the house for my paints in the past year. I set them on a table up in the playroom. There is a little nook up there that would be perfect for a studio. But I would never actually paint up there. For some reason the best place to paint is in the kitchen. The kitchen is always the hub of activity in our house...and it is the place that I spend most of my time. Making meals and snacks, doing laundry (the laundry area is at one end of the kitchen behind some sliding doors). It makes sense that I actually keep the paints where I use them. So I put the bread maker away for now (it is still easily accessible), and set up the paints in hopefully a permanent place.

All of the homeschool books and materials have also shown up in the kitchen. I have shoved all of the canned and boxed foods to one shelf in the pantry and the books have the other two. Pretty soon we won't have to leave the kitchen for anything, except to use the bathroom!

I think the biggest benefit to this work area is being able to leave a half-finished project and then being able to come right back at it....instead of having to clean everything up each time I paint.

That red patterned paper on the fridge came from World Market. What a great store!!!! I told Dave that all of his problems were solved. For Christmas he can get me a World Market gift certificate, also for my Birthday, as well as Easter, Mother's Day, Presidential elections, Flag day, etc....he didn't seem as impressed with those gift ideas as I was :)


Anonymous said...

That's a great little work nook! I especially adore the frige. :)

tacky said...

Now you have answered my question..."how can she do all her crafty stuff and still not have children redecorating her house and decorating each other?" If I want to work on a project...we all head to the basement!

Sue said...

You are a NEAT artist - in any way you want to take that. What's Dave's problem? I got my notecards yesterday. I LOVE them. I'm not sure if I want to give them away now. Guess I'll just have to order a whole bunch more. I loved them from the blog pics but they are even brighter and prettier in real life.

Victorious1 said...

Hello Sara - I love your blog! The colors, the pictures, the colors, your fun, positive outlook on life and did I mention the colors? :)

I rarely have time to leave comments, but - it's such a wonderful day that I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your pictures/blog.

Have an awesome weekend and keep up the great work! I always feel happy after visiting you and thought you should know. Anyway - best wishes.


Emilia said... I think I will put my craft supplies near kitchen when I get married ! :)

Cindy (yapping cat) said...

What a sweet cozy little art nook. I love it. And all that red, the Best Part! (I love red!).

Gretchen said...

Sar -- I am so with you about World Market. I lose myself for hours in there, and one of my good friends here is a manager there, so I can get her discount!! WOO HOO!

HOW did you attach the paper to your fridge like that?? Do you think it would work on cabinets/anything else?

I love your friend's coffee painting. Wish I could come over for a little coaching because I have this wall that is screaming for a big masterpiece, and I sort of want to do a decopage-ish thing with vintage book-covers. Sort of still thinking through it, but I've been pondering this for awhile now. Any insight you have would be delightful. Also maybe a post on decopage 101 for the less informed, such as myself. :) Thanks, art girl.