Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Little Things

This is a sample of the print and also of the cards. I was inspired by Dave's song. We love to sing it with the boys....great words. The song talks about the little boy who gave his lunch to Jesus (5 loaves, two fishes) and Jesus did a miracle with that little lunch and fed more than 5000 people that day! God used that little boy. The second verse talks about he was sold into slavery, and eventually he became second to the throne. This is a good reminder for kids...and us too. God can use our smallness, and our weakness. This is encouraging!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

WOW, what amazing stuff you create! You are going in my future feature file for Creative Blogs. Thanks for visiting a while back.

You need to check out Red Shoes.....she was one of my features awhile ago. She's on the side links. You guys both love coler!

blairz4 said...

Miss Sara, these look great! I love the way they turned out, and the presentation is awesome with the little bow and everything:) All those "little" details make the difference! Way to go!:)

Tracye Dukes said...

Hi Sara...
Your blog is lots of fun... and your home is beautiful!!!

Thanks for sharing your creative with the blog world :)