Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Eric Carle

We just got this book from the library, and loved it! Eric Carle has always been a favorite in our house. We have a number of his books. The stories are so cute and educational, but the pictures are gorgeous. He paints on tissue paper and then cuts out the shapes of the animals or whatever else he is illustrating. This book, Mr. Seahorse, is all about the different male fish that take care of the eggs before they hatch....great book, but also a neat way for kids to see God's unique creation.

The classic of all classics, The Very Hungry Caterpillar...is so fun and also so educational at the same time...teaching the life cycle of a butterfly, the days of the week, counting, and naming fruits. LOVE the pictures!


Sarah said...

Trey LOVES Mr. Caterpillar already. When we read it, he makes a little perfect "o" with his mouth and "ooooo's" with excitement everytime I turn a page!
If I could create like E.C., I would find it hard to ever stop and do anything else. He has such a GIFT!

Anonymous said...

We have this book as well and Infinity loves it! I think it is a neat example of daddys caring for their children just a much as mommys. So often Daddy's don't get the credit they deserve for taking care of mommy while she is pregnant!! I am very thankful for the many things John did for me while "with child" and the many things he does now for both of us!!!