Friday, September 21, 2007

Care Package

My cousin Kari sent me a box of hand-me-downs from her girls...cute dresses, tights, and even hair clips and bows (someday we hope there will be enough hair....). She also gave me a bunch of her hand-made cards!!! What a nice surprise!!!! Thank you Kari! You made my day!!!

Here is one of the smocked dresses that she sent- I am sure that her mom- or possibly my mom- made it. Either way- it is as cute as a button.


Jennifer said...

cute stuff! I always wanted to make cards like that!

tacky said...

Your Mom made the dress! It was handed over to me from Mari from Cilla...we have pics of Becca and Hollie in dresses like this! I am waiting for Skye to model some of the outfits!

Priscilla said...

Hi Sara,

Yes, your mom made the dress for Becca and another one just like it for Hollie. I had asked to get them back someday - could you send it back to me after Skye grows out of them (I think you must have a few of the girls dresses 'cause I sent them to Mari to use for her girls.) I would like to pass them on to Becca, Hollie, & Kelly someday. Surely, one of them will have a girl.