Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Art For Sale at mincymedia!!!

Today is the day.....Dave has added an art page on his site, and my stuff is now officially for sale! We are going to celebrate by going to Carrabas tonight!!! (we desperately need a date night anyway!)

So, HELLO to anyone who found my blog through mincymedia! Please feel free to browse. If you would like to know more about the prints that I have for sale, check out these posts:

Little Things Print & Card

Search Me O God Print


Fifi said...

Sara...... you have one of the most interesting blogs around!
I love colour, so I am a fan of your work...TOTALLY!
You go girl!
Hugs Fifi

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your business up and running!

Anonymous said...

Sara! I'm soooo excited for you...your style is MY style...I just can't draw for beans, so I'll have to order my art from you. I'm currently uploading to my Paypal account, but plan to purchase shortly...save that FREE shipping for me!

Pam said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know how excited you must be. My last big baking thing is this Saturday at the craft fair, so we are going to celebrate that night by eating out!

Val said...

CONGRATTS SARA!! That is so exciting! I can't wait to get to that point of being able to sit down and do what I want to do :-) I will most definitley purchase your work--I love your colors and style (especially that canvas)haha....I still think about that ya know!
I have just printed out the picture of you and dave---hmmmm looks like a Christmas gift is in the making :-) **wink wink***
Keep up your awesome work--you inspire so many people through it!!

I am sooo excited for you!!!