Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Going to the Printers

Here is part of a painting that I will be taking to the printers to get prints made. I will be taking a few others and maybe getting some greeting cards made as well. Hopefully, we will have it all for sale at Dave's site in a week or so. Still trying to figure out if I should sell the originals...maybe on Etsy, or at a little art shop in Raleigh that takes things on consignment.


Jennifer said...

I think you should just sell it. You have so many comments from family and friends ready to buy your work....including me! My walls are so bare!!!

Sarah: said...

Sell it everywhere you can!!!! :-) I know I am going to snatch up some cards as soon as they are for sale. I am always looking for verse cards to send to our teens--these will be perfect! Good job, Sara. :-)