Wednesday, August 22, 2007


And here we are; doing what we love the most....working and creating, enjoying the stillness of the house while the kids are in bed!!!


Sarah said...

OK, Sara....I was utterly confused for the last week that I could not get into your blog. (Also very upset) :-) I was afraid I would not be able to get back into "Mincy World" and I would miss out on all of the fun!
So I am so glad to see your new spot, filled with all of your fabulous creations. I wish your little shop was in my town--I would come in every day! :-)

Marianna said...


I found you through a comment you left at The Cottage Nest. Your home is absolutely wonderful. I love all the color!


Jana said...

Not sure if you remember me but I'm Jana Rodabaugh (now Miller)from college. I saw the art you did on Sarah C's Blog. I love it!!!!!!! You are very talented. I loved all the things you did in your house, especially the nursery! I agree with Sarah, I would have been in your store everyday!!! (With my Credit Card)!!

Cindy said...

Are'nt ya'll cute! Like a bag of skittles - bright and fun! I love it. I'll be checking back.