Thursday, December 10, 2015

Painting class !

I got to go to a painting class with my friend Kim. It was so fun and very relaxing just to paint what the teacher said to paint. I loved looking over at all the canvases- each with polka dots but still with differences and personality. Very fun to be the student instead of the teacher :-) 

Raleigh, You are getting cuter!

Dave had his annual work Christmas party downtown tonight. We (I) were so excited to see an outdoor skating rink in downtown Raleigh!!! How fun and adorable :-) 

Saturday, December 5, 2015


We like to go to Chuy's when we are visiting Dave's parents in Greenville. It's yummy Tex Mex, but it's just so cute!!! Makes me want to tile everything ! And paint the walls PINK ! :-) 

Hub cap ceiling :) 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Inspirational and Cute

This youtube video  is so beautiful- what a collaboration!

These podcasts from Revive our Hearts are inspiring, it will make you cry...a mom dies and this is what her husband and kids say about her.
Revive Our Hearts Broadcast part 1

Part 2

I listened to this next one twice, once with the kids....(these podcasts are 20 or so minutes, good to listen to when you get ready in the morning)

Focus on the Family - comparison trap

"I've made the situation about me as I've listened to you...."
That line really struck home to me...Oh my goodness! I do that all the time!!!!! I really want to be happy for other people [LOVE] when they tell me something, instead of thinking about all the ways *I* don't measure up.

Some oldies and goodies we are using for thanksgiving this year:
Turkey vegetable tray

Pilgrim hat cookies

Cranberry pepper jelly dip

Speaking of pilgrims! My librarian, Mrs. Mary, has been making cute crafts out of corks....she made a little Pilgrim couple out of wine corks. When she googled 'pilgrim made out of wine cork,' nothing came up! So we had to rectify that situation with this picture:

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family and Oh my goodness! We have sooooooo much to thank God for. HE IS AWESOME.......
I'll leave you with a reminder of last year's thanksgiving banner........

p.s. So sorry I haven't kept up with posting pictures from art class, I'm going to try and do better. It has been adorable lately. One cute little 5 year old came for the first time and said, "whoa! We are sure doing A LOT of crafts today!" :-) love it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


If you are in the mood to read I have a bunch of links listed below. These links have been saved in my email and in various places in my phone. Here they are now, all in one place. ((that's what Pinterest is for, I know! I need to get organized :) )

*disclaimer- I'm sure I don't agree with everything or every website listed below--its just stuff I saw while looking around and wanted to save in order to read and think about later. 

Psychological Tricks Everyone Should Know

Don't Lose Spiritual Disciplines for Fear of Legalism

Cross Stitch Family Portrait

Technology Contract

sending your kids out into the big, wide world

Ab Challenge

Brussels Sprout Salad

Dangers of Comparison

Science...the cell song

Parenting in Kenya

A Call to Teenagers

Symptoms of Pride

Crash Course History

Food for thought:
He that has trained his children for heaven, rather than for earth- for God rather than for man- he is the parent who will be called wise at the last. (I don't know where I saw this??)

Eek! I ran out of time and still have more links and quotes cluttering my phone....I'll have to do a second post. :) 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Faux Stained Glass Windows

Trying something new, blogging from my's so fast and easy with the blogger app. 

This project was fun and I love the results! I cut out squares of tissue paper and used a glue stick to stick them to the window. Then I added electrical tape to outline each tissue paper piece and add extra lines. This window is super happy, especially in the early morning sun. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Turned 40! Woo Hoo! (and it's awesome!)

 I feel surprisingly young and chipper for such an old age :) Ha! 40 used to sound so old! Now it is just right. I am glad to be here. Happy and thankful for what has happened in my life and what is to come. God has been so kind to me and blessed me, but also allowed hard things to come too that have strengthened my faith.

My birthday was celebrated over the course of a week with The Cheesecake factory, Gigi's cupcakes, Tom + Chee, smoothies, and quality time with my hubby. Two of the kids were at camp and one with grandparents, and Dave had to work. So I cleaned and organized during the day and partied with Dave in the evenings. Then when the kids came home we had pink lemonade cake (my childhood favorite) and celebrated with them. TOO MUCH CAKE!!!! :-)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Bunch of Catch Up Pictures...(a birthday, v-day, st.p day, art, beach, snow, food)

 This was valentines day....Dave and I went out a few days before the day, so on the day we had a special meal with the kids. It was nice. I made everyone say nice things about each other and made us talk about good memories and stuff. :)

 Valentine day place setting...paper plates say tru luv...

 Gigi's cupcakes- yessssss.....except has anyone else noticed that the icing is not as sinfully high as it used to be?

 You know how we go to the beach each year for our church ladies' retreat...well this year was wonderfully exceptional.

 it was raining and then the rain stopped and the sun came out....

 We listened to Elyse Fitzpatrick on video...she talked about the idols of our heart and a lot more about the gospel and how amazing it is that God's grace is sufficient for us and how we seek for so much to fill voids when Jesus is all we need!

 Sadie needed a sling so she can always be with me....she just really doesn't like the sling.....:(

 We had a b-day party for our new 9 year old.... called for balloons and a rainbow ice cream cake. :)

 Art class has been seriously adorable. This one was an easy marbling project with glue and paint.

 When they draw! It blows me away...the cuteness.....

...back to valentines, Saw this recipe here and it was photogenic but also pretty tasty.

 and then she took pictures of her room from interesting angles...

 snow! We had snow!

 It was fun at first.............

 we also did household chores in leopard leggings.

 This art project was super fun: Weaving! Collage! Alphabet soup!

 Then there was St Patrick's Day and we like it because, green!

Oh! We had our church's first mission conference and it was awesome! We got to keep the Huffmans at our house and it was so much fun. Kim and I got artsy one day and this is what happened- abstracts!

 One more of the green.

 There have been some book highlights for me in the last few months.....this book is amazing and really practical. I love the focus on constant communication with your kids...I LOVE this book.........soooo good for pinpointing our struggles and how we carry those over into our parenting. Wow- we have had some good things happening in our family because of this book. 

And speaking of communicating with your kids - this book goes hand in hand with Age of Opportunity.  It's inspired me so much and helped me to intentionally talk to the kids more, really focusing on them and what is going on in their brains. The same rule applies to people in general, if you really focus on what they are saying and care about listening to them, they will talk even more and then - BAM- your relationship is stronger. (why do I not listen better? Huh?)

This week has been spring break we have been trying to mix fun things with relaxing and a tiny dash of cleaning chores :) Roller skating, shopping, movies, and learning to clean a toilet...what's not to love about that?!

Thinking about what dessert to make for Easter, so I took a trip down Easter memory lane past posts. Sadie! She is so cute in those various baskets....

Just a little update from our house to yours :) Love and kisses from the Mincy fam....xo

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My New Wall!

This orange wall just used to! Now it is happier :) I got the idea here... add some brushstrokes and voila! New and pattern-ful! First I started by painting on white brushstrokes...but Dave and I agreed that it looked like we were trying to patch the I added smaller gray brushstrokes and then a tiny black line.

 It just makes me happy when I walk around the corner and bam! Fun! The best thing- it took about 15 minutes and a tiny bit of paint. Win-win. Here is where it all started......

 My friend had a baby and we decided to paint with the gray brush strokes for his little room. We were going to only do one wall, and ended up painting the whole room- it almost looks like wallpaper. 

This paint technique is very addicting. I have since done another wall in my house! I'll show you soon :-)