Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Bunch of Catch Up Pictures...(a birthday, v-day, st.p day, art, beach, snow, food)

 This was valentines day....Dave and I went out a few days before the day, so on the day we had a special meal with the kids. It was nice. I made everyone say nice things about each other and made us talk about good memories and stuff. :)

 Valentine day place setting...paper plates say tru luv...

 Gigi's cupcakes- yessssss.....except has anyone else noticed that the icing is not as sinfully high as it used to be?

 You know how we go to the beach each year for our church ladies' retreat...well this year was wonderfully exceptional.

 it was raining and then the rain stopped and the sun came out....

 We listened to Elyse Fitzpatrick on video...she talked about the idols of our heart and a lot more about the gospel and how amazing it is that God's grace is sufficient for us and how we seek for so much to fill voids when Jesus is all we need!

 Sadie needed a sling so she can always be with me....she just really doesn't like the sling.....:(

 We had a b-day party for our new 9 year old.... called for balloons and a rainbow ice cream cake. :)

 Art class has been seriously adorable. This one was an easy marbling project with glue and paint.

 When they draw! It blows me away...the cuteness.....

...back to valentines, Saw this recipe here and it was photogenic but also pretty tasty.

 and then she took pictures of her room from interesting angles...

 snow! We had snow!

 It was fun at first.............

 we also did household chores in leopard leggings.

 This art project was super fun: Weaving! Collage! Alphabet soup!

 Then there was St Patrick's Day and we like it because, green!

Oh! We had our church's first mission conference and it was awesome! We got to keep the Huffmans at our house and it was so much fun. Kim and I got artsy one day and this is what happened- abstracts!

 One more of the green.

 There have been some book highlights for me in the last few months.....this book is amazing and really practical. I love the focus on constant communication with your kids...I LOVE this book.........soooo good for pinpointing our struggles and how we carry those over into our parenting. Wow- we have had some good things happening in our family because of this book. 

And speaking of communicating with your kids - this book goes hand in hand with Age of Opportunity.  It's inspired me so much and helped me to intentionally talk to the kids more, really focusing on them and what is going on in their brains. The same rule applies to people in general, if you really focus on what they are saying and care about listening to them, they will talk even more and then - BAM- your relationship is stronger. (why do I not listen better? Huh?)

This week has been spring break we have been trying to mix fun things with relaxing and a tiny dash of cleaning chores :) Roller skating, shopping, movies, and learning to clean a toilet...what's not to love about that?!

Thinking about what dessert to make for Easter, so I took a trip down Easter memory lane past posts. Sadie! She is so cute in those various baskets....

Just a little update from our house to yours :) Love and kisses from the Mincy fam....xo

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My New Wall!

This orange wall just used to! Now it is happier :) I got the idea here... add some brushstrokes and voila! New and pattern-ful! First I started by painting on white brushstrokes...but Dave and I agreed that it looked like we were trying to patch the I added smaller gray brushstrokes and then a tiny black line.

 It just makes me happy when I walk around the corner and bam! Fun! The best thing- it took about 15 minutes and a tiny bit of paint. Win-win. Here is where it all started......

 My friend had a baby and we decided to paint with the gray brush strokes for his little room. We were going to only do one wall, and ended up painting the whole room- it almost looks like wallpaper. 

This paint technique is very addicting. I have since done another wall in my house! I'll show you soon :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Whole30 Favorite Recipes

Dave and I did a whole23 (haha!). That means we cheated and quit at 23 days instead of 30 days. ((What is here.)) At day 23 we decided to allow a few more things into our diet such as honey and chocolate and maybe regular store bought salad dressing. We are still eating a ton of fruit and veggies, meat and nuts...but adding in a few extras. I LOVE, LOVE how I feel while eating this way- tons of energy and never hungry.

The only drawbacks to the diet, for us, was the cost...[it is hard to get used to spending a full $50 more a week to make sure you have enough food to eat!] ...and the prep work. I was cooking from scratch every single meal! Eggs and meat and vegetables and soups and salad dressing...I had my food processor out all day! But, we have found some great recipes, and will definitely keep making them and incorporating as much whole30 as we can.

Here are our favorite recipes:

Sweet and Salty Crunchy Coconut (LOVE this!!!! Made for the Super Bowl)

Apple Butter (really good with pork chops, or pork sliced real thin and fried with ghee)

 Tangerine sauce (great on chicken and shrimp)

Spaghetti squash and meatballs in the crock pot (LOVE! So easy! I also added Italian seasoning to the meatballs and sauce)

Sweet Potato Fritters

Chili  (made for the super bowl)

My Whole30 pinboard

It feels really good when you serve your family a meal that is 100% whole food, a ton of veggies, and no added preservatives....but it also feels good to add in a few cheats and to eat normal sometimes too. The worst feeling was going to our friends' house and not eating the pizza! I felt like such a heal! So a lot of healthy with a bit of normal will hopefully work for us.

A healthy little treat....chocolate peanut butter bars....Oh my goodness, these are good...I love almond flour and almond butter...the crust is made from almond flour. Very tasty and healthy.

I would love to hear if you've tried the whole30 way of life. Or Paleo?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sweet Season

There's always a favorite art project/ornament...this year it is the pour paint ornaments. They were so fun and satisfying. Just get the clear glass balls, pop off the top and pour in some paint. Twist and turn the ball until all the glass is covered inside, then pour out excess paint. The strawberry was a very close second!

Art class in December is magical and I nearly freaked out when I saw the kids' snowglobes :-)

I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas :) We are amazed at God's kindness and Awesomeness. Lots to celebrate.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Good and the Bad

I have been sick all week. (that's the bad part) But there have been lots of good parts! My kids have been adorably helpful and nice to their Mama. Dave has made suppers and even a cake! Last night he asked what I wanted for supper and I said cake :) He made it....a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

The one who was the most happy that I was sick was Sadie because she could sit by me 24/7. She gets real frustrated on those days when I do not sit down. She *needs* people to sit with her. It's her dream. So all week she has been my constant companion. The kids sat with me too, although I was worried all week that they would catch what I have (flu-like symptoms; fever, aches, sore throat, cough,)

Funky Fire photo from Thanksgiving

We watched a few movies these past few weeks and WOW! We usually have a knack for picking really bad the fact that the last 3 movies we have watched have been great is pretty wonderful and a record for us! I'll put them in order from Awesome down to really good:

#1 The Hundred Foot Journey (LOVED this movie!) So inspiring...made me want to start cooking lessons with my kids while speaking French to them and opening my house to strangers and feeding them fresh tomatoes and olives from my garden. No, really....I can speak a tiny bit of French...I just cannot grow tomatoes for the life of me. Dave and I enjoyed every minute of this movie. I am going to make the kids watch it next. The colors, sounds, smells, and tastes of this movie will make you smile. (a feast for your senses :-)) (although I hate to give such a glowing review because then, when you watch it you may be was perfect for us because we had no idea what the movie would be like, and from our track record, we figured it would be the worst movie maybe that it why we were so happy. Just get the movie and eh, maybe you'll like it.... :-/ )

#2 The Giver (LIKED this movie) I have loved the book and I enjoyed the family enjoyed this movie. It was different in ways from the book, but I could still enjoy it. Very creative, especially the black & white/color thing.

#3 Upside Down (liked this movie....maybe better than The Giver? Might be a tie for #2) This was an amazingly creative movie. I loved the concept. Science fiction, but believable and very interesting (Dave would not agree so much on the believable part...) The colors and textures were nice too. LOVED the 2 main actors; adorable.

So that was the good part about being sick. Having time to watch some good movies in the comfort of my home with my dear family waiting on me hand and foot....It has taken me all week to see the good in being sick, and now I am gearing up to be almost 100% better :) Hopefully, you, my readers, are feeling fine!

p.s. I almost forgot that we also finally watched Mr Peabody and Sherman with the kids and it was really cute and worth a watch too :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey is the Best!

We had a nice Thanksgiving with friends this year...relaxing and cozy. I haven't made a turkey in years. It was so yummy....we had leftovers for days....I love thanksgiving leftovers and then turkey soup. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and cozy too :)

We tried to make the little ice cream cone cornucopia that you see all over pinterest with the end curled up...but it didn't seem to work for just broke and crumbled when we tried to heat and roll....but that's ok- we had a straight ended cornucopia and everyone was fine with that :) The M&Ms were appreciated too....

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanks Giving

November has been beautiful. I am so thankful for this month. We usually spend thanksgiving with Dave's family. But this year they are gone to other parts of the country so we will be home and spending it here with friends. I *know* if we would not have been planning to be here for Thanksgiving that I would have our Christmas trees up and trimmed this week. Since we will be here, it has been nice to focus on Thanksgiving a little more and decorate the house for it.

We wanted to spray paint some leaves for a garland, so I ended up taking the gold paint outside and spraying the leaves directly on the trees. With any other color this would have been weird...but the gold lightly misted other leaves in the area, and now (even after I picked the leaves and took them in for the garland) our outside trees look fairy dusted :)

We made the turkeys in art class. Sooo cute. We also made yellow school buses out of large poster board, Indian corn drawings, watercolor leaves, and pipe cleaner sculptures- NO! I didn't get pictures of all of the projects! just have to imagine the cuteness :-)

And the leaves have been gorgeous! (not just my golden leaves) Our yard is beautiful and when I see the piles of leaves on the ground I do not despair- leaves on the ground means work for the kids to do! And exercise for me.

Happy Thanksgiving! SOOOOOOOOOO much to be thankful for :-)